Sandra Yearsley

I first met Sandra Yearsley and her parents, Derek and Renee, at Bunbury and Districts Dog Club back in mid 1997, we are still friends to this day.

Sandra became very keen on obedience and agility training and bought her first Shetland Sheepdog, Koniseur Karry The Flag (Flynn) CDX, ADM, JDM, ADO6, JDO4, SDX, GDX, SPDX from Carol Watson’s daughter Kishandra.





Sandra became very good friends with Carol over the years and has now added more “Tiakina” shelties to her family.


The most outstanding of these if the fantastically successful agility dog Ag Ch  Tiakina Tuff Act To Follow (Dylan) CDX, RN, ADM8, JDM11, ADO11, JDO14, SDM, GDM, SPDM.



Dylan won a Best In Show as a puppy as well as having won every available ANKC award for agility, with multiple State and National champion awards to his name.



In more recent years Sandra has had success with her blue girl Kasingal Kist By Angels RN, AD, JDX, SPD  (Zara).

Zara jumping July 2014

Zara & Sandra

Zara - show ring 191013

Zara & Sandra


This Tiakina bitch has won competing in both agility and conformation



Sandra’s mother also competes successfully in agility with her Tiakina Tailor’d ToBe Tuff (Mitchell) CD, RN, ADX, JD, GD .

Renee only started in agility with Mitchell when she was 70 years old. Together they have had many wins including at the Nationals when Rene was 73. Mitchell has his CCD and JD awards.

Contact Sandra who is a qualified Bowen Therapist on


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