Aisling Show & Breeding Results in Australia 2016/17

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Aisling (2 of 3)

I just love this beautiful little girl !

2018. Aisling is now retired from breeding and showing.

I believe that she has well and truly made her contribution to the future success of LochWind.

Aisling easily gained her Australian Championship. She has given us two lovely litters. I think that is enough !

From her first litter by Uno,

Krystal, has excelled in the show ring from day one. 2016 & 2017  #1 Rising Star Sheltie in SA.  A multiple Class in Show winner and Australian Champion. 2018. Best In Show and Runner Up Best in Show, All Breeds.

Ivanna, a winner in her two show ring appearances in WA as a puppy, is now Herding titled HT, HIC. In her agility career JD. JDX. GD.

Declan, has finished his title with a Best in Group 25 point win. From only a handful of shows, Best in Group and Runner Up Best in Show from Intermediate. In 2018 a Best in Show Winner.

From her second litter by Edge, we retained…

Inka, a promising bitch,  who is already multi Class in Group winner & RUBOB from the Minor Class. In 2018 she attained her Championship.

Connor, was retained in partnership, he is also a Res CC from Minor and Baby in Group winner from just a few shows. In 2019 he requires only a few points to finish.

Aisling finished her Australian Championship,  having won in good company in three states of Australia under FCI and International judges.

14/15/16th April 2017. Mount Gambier KC. South Australia.

Each day Aisling was awarded …Challenge Bitch and Runner Up Best of Breed. Open of Breed.

9th April. Bulla & Amenities Show. Victoria.

Judge: Mr S Ishimaru. Japan. Challenge Bitch and Runner Up Best of Breed. Open of Breed.

March 3rd. The Western Classic Dog Show. Western Australia.

Judge: Mr JF Peddie (Canada)

A good entry of 49 Shelties saw Aisling awarded

Challenge Bitch and Runner Up Best of Breed.

Her daughter Krystal, being awarded Reserve Challenge Bitch.

February 2017

Back in the ring after having her first litter.

4th Feb

Classic Dog Show – Victoria.

Judge: Janice Cook (Foxbell Collies)

Challenge Bitch. Best of Breed. Shortlisted for Group. Handler: Michelle Doe.


Aisling then took time out of the ring for her first litter. Bred to Uno she produced a beautiful litter of 6 pups. 2 bitches have been retained by LochWind. One entire male dog was sold to Peerielee Shelties in NSW.


So proud of Aisling’s Australian debut weekend in the show ring.

2 x CC’s and RUBOB beating her stablemate Uno.

Aisling & Nova


Aisling finished January as Number 13 Sheltie Nationally.  Dogzonline Pointscore.

29th January 2016

Adelaide Hill KC. South Australia.

CC Bitch and RUBOB to Uno who went Best In Show !

Judge: Mr S Hadjisavvas (Cyprus)  Handler: Kerry McKay.

8th January 2016

South Eastern KC. Victoria.

Judge: Mrs L Siedel (USA)

Challenge Bitch. RUBOB. Handler: Michelle Doe.

7th January 2016

South Eastern KC. Victoria.

Judge: Mr M Fukamachi (Japan)

Challenge Bitch.  Handler: Michelle Doe.

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