Aisling’s Siblings


This page showcases the full siblings of Aisling and her fantastic family, proudly created by Sylvia & David Calderwood.

The Kensil Clan can be seen HERE.

BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay Preferential ROM x BISS Am Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Eyes ROM

Multi BISS Am/Can Bronze  Grd Ch Kensil’s Nutrageous

Litter brother to Ginger's dam 2RagebodyS_L






CHIC #101691

OFA. Hips – SS-19783E24M-VPI.   Excellent.

CERF. Eyes – SS-EYE368/20M-VPI. Normal.

OFA. Dentition Database – SS-DE60/23M-VPI. Full Dentition.

OFA. VWB – SS-VW642/9M-VPI. Clear.

OFA. MDR1 – SS-MD1-269/9M-VPI. Normal/Normal.


Am Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Maiden

No Photo Available click here to see photo.

Owned, finished and bred from by Linda Accola – Spring Valley Shelties.

OFA. Hips – SS-19677E31F-VPI. Excellent.

OFA. Dentition Database. SS-DE83/36F-VPI. Full Dention.

OFA. Thyroid. SS-TH895/31F-VPI. Normal.


Am Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Clan

Irish Clan 3Shayla_afterp_s







OFA. Hips – SS-19330G24F-VPI. Good.

Bred to BISS Am Grd Ch Belmark Close Encounter producing Kensil’s N Belmark Ecstacy. DOB: 5.1.15


Am Ch Kensil’s Butterscotch Square

Buttersctch Square







CERF Tested. Eyes – SS-380892.


Am Ch Kensil’s Guilty Pleasure.

Guilty Pleasure.







OFA. Hips – SS20059E30F-VPI.  Excellent.

Bred to Grd Ch Belmark Close Encounter  produced the very promising Kensil N Belmark Indulgence.  DOB: 20.11.14

Who can be seen on the Belmark website.

Am Ch Kensil’s Irish Honor

Irish Honor.Irish Honor 5 Pt Major to finishHonor2





OFA. Hips – SS-19329G24F-VPI. Good.

Honor is the dam of …

Am Ch Kensil’s Chance Encounter and Multi BISS Ch Kensil’s Irish Encounter. Whelped 16/7/2014. Darby titled on 23.6.2015 with a Group 1 win along the way. On 10th July at the Pacific NW SSDC Specialty, under judge Carl Skinner, Darby went BISS whilst Chance was awarded WD to finish. Chance is already a Specialty Winner.

Darby finish

Multi BISS Ch Kensil’s Irish Encounter

Kensil Chance Encounter

BISS Ch Kensil’s Chance Encounter









In the same litter by Am Grd Ch Belmark Close Encounter, were two beautiful bitch pups who failed to make size for USA.

Ginger@ 3 month


Ginger @ 5 months.











Another stunning litter sister to Aisling, is the very beautiful

Am Ch Kensil’s Kool Kool Kitty who belongs to Shannalee Waller-Michalsky at Akadia Shelties

Kensil's Kool Kool KittyKensil Kool Kool Kitty 3






Kensil's Kool Kool Kitty2Kensil's Kool Kool Kitty April 2015






kitty 2nd major

Kitty 2nd Major

Kitty title








When bred to Debbie Sirdofsky’s BISS Am Grd Ch Syringa Treasure Trove, (Loot)

Kitty has produced the lovely sable puppy shown here handled by Leslie Jeszewski, Akadia Don’t Be So Katty.

Leslie & Katty

Akadia Don’t Be So Katty

LootBOS_Albany2014Specialty copy - Copy











Kensil’s Irish Gift of Grace

OFA. Hips – SS-19331G24F-VPI. Good.

OFA. Degenerative Myelopathy – SS-DM28/39F-VPI. Normal.


Kensil’s  Smiling Eyes

Genetic Analysis Report by Orivet   14.5.2015

Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Degenerative Myelopathy – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Ivermectin Sensitivity/MDR1 –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Von Willebrand’s Disease Type 3 –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

A Locus. Agouti – Pure for sable. No Bi or Tri factoring.

Follicular Dysplaysia – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.






  1. Mr. David Patrick O'Shannessy.

    Love the stunning – Kensil’s Smiling eyes. and every single one of her handsome brothers and beautiful sisters, – American Grand Champion Kensil’s Irish clan. – American Grand Champion Kensil’s Irish maiden. – American Grand Champion Kensil’s Nutrageous. – American Champion Kensil’s Butterscotch square. – American Champion Kensil’s Irish honor. – American Champion Kensil’s Guilty pleasure. and – Aisling’s. irresistible mother- American Grand Champion Kensil’s Irish eyes. perfect father- American Grand Champion PaRay’s Preferential. and terrific great grandmother – American Champion Grandgables Times up at paray.

  2. Mr. David patrick O'Shannessy.

    How could I forget not mentioning – the very cool, – Kensil’s Kool kool kitty. (and with needing only just the one more point to finish her American Champion title).

  3. Mr. David P. O'Shannessy.

    “‘ C o N g R a T u L a T i O n S ‘” – Kitty. on being crowned with the title – “‘ A m E r I c A n — C h A m P i O n ‘” .

  4. Mr. David p. O'Shannessy.

    Tributing on congratulating – Kensil’s Smiling eyes. mother – American Grand Champion Kensil’s Irish eyes R O M., on being the top of the very top of producing mums. With a Multiple Best In Speciality Show – American / Canadian BRONZE Grand Champion, Two – American Grand Champions and Four – American Champions. * *** * I knew that kensil’s was good – I just didn’t know that they were that good. Which is what I have learnt from doing all of this extensive reasearch into – Aisling.

  5. Mr. David O'Shannessy.

    Aisling’s – three quarterish brother – Kensil’s It’s all about the game. may not have the conformation title, although he more than certainly makes up for it in obedience – with a multitude of titles. Companion Dog – (CD)., Begginer Novice – (BN)., Graduate Novice – (GN)., Pre – Companion Dog Excellent – (PCDX)., and Rally Advanced – (RA). I bet he is handsome – because of his impeccable pedigree, and I know with that may titles after his name – he would be super smart.

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