Aust Ch Kensil’s Smiling Eyes (Imp USA)

Aisling (2 of 5)

Aisling Nov 2015

Thought for the day: “Man like water finds his own level”

Many pedigrees were extensively researched to find this lovely moderate 14 inch bitch, who will hopefully be the cornerstone for LochWind Shelties.

I believe very strongly that the best success, whether with horses or dogs,  comes from breeding from a very strong, healthy, vigorous, proven tail line pedigree. As with my collies, I sought to find a bitch with that strong female line. Bitches who consistently generation after generation have produced champion stock and good breeding daughters. This line is undeniably all that and more.

Aisling should compliment Uno, who has already proven himself to be an exceptional sire.

As of 11.11.18 Aisling is already the dam of three Australian Champions from her only two litters. Sired by our Uno we have two Best In Show winners. BIS/RUBIS Ch LochWind Gentle Smile.  BIS/RUBISS Ch LochWind Grand Design HIC. HT. PT.  and LochWind Grace Kelly HIC. HT. JD.JDX. GD. In her second litter she has Ch LochWind I Like It Like That. With her brother LochWind I Am What I Am, also nearly finished.

See a video of Lochwind Kennels.

Aisling (2 of 3)

Aisling 1st Show in Aust. 8.1.2016

Aisling’s Genetic Analysis Report by Orivet   14.5.2015

Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Degenerative Myelopathy – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Ivermectin Sensitivity/MDR1 –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Von Willebrand’s Disease Type 3 –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

A Locus. Agouti – Pure for sable. No Bi or Tri factoring.

Follicular Dysplaysia – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Full Dentition. Correct Bite.

OFA  #SS20472G46F-VPI.   GOOD.


OFA Aisling

Kensil Smiling Eyes

Aisling in USA – March 2015


Aisling’s pedigree is simply outstanding !

This family just gets better and better each year.

Her full siblings to date include 3 Grand Champions…

Am Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Clan, Am Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Maiden &  Multi BISS Am/Can Bronze Grd Ch Kensil’s Nutrageous.

4 more Am Ch’s… Ch Kensil’s Kool Kool Kitty, Ch Kensil Butterscotch Square,  Ch Kensil’s Irish Honor &  Ch Kensil’s Guilty Pleasure.

The two boys Nutrageous & Butterscotch Square are now starting to prove their worth as sires.

Kensil's Kool Kool Kitty April 2015


Ch Kensil’s Kool Kool Kitty finished on 8th June 2015. Placed 4th in a huge 6 – 9 mo S & W Puppy Class at the ASSA Nationals in 2013.

Kitty then had a litter to BISS Am Grd Ch Syringa Treasure Trove.

Leslie & Katty

Katty & Leslie

One of those pups, Akadia Don’t Be So Katty,  is now at Vicki Weis’ kennels in Minnesota.

Pictured here in April 2015 with Leslie Jeszewski handling.

kitty 2nd major

Kitty 2nd Major

5 of Aisling’s full siblings are registered on the OFA/CHIC/CERF databases with excellent results.

So now lets take a look at Aisling’s heritage…

There are some very well known and well performed dogs, that cannot be denied !


Aisling’s Sire is…

 BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Preferential ROM CC

(Am Ch Corteo at PaRay of Don Quixote ROM X Am Ch PaRay Posh Spice)

  Whelped: 12.5.2010  



Satoshi paint


7 All Breeds Best in Show wins.

2 back to back BIS wins.

12 Reserve Best in Show wins.

12 Specialty Best in Show wins.

Award of Merit at 2012 ASSA National Specialty.

Select Dog at the 2013 & 2014 ASSA National Specialties.

A Century Club Award.

Number one breeder/owner handled Sheltie in 2013

Number 8 Herding Dog in the USA 2013.

BOB awards in the 90 percentile.

This young dog’s progeny are winning Nationals, Specialties and All Breeds events across USA.

DNA tested and officially certified 17.7.2014.

DNA Profile # 663711.

CHIC #98968Satoshi advert

OFA Champion of Health (Oct 2014)

Thyroid – OFA#  SS-TH722/23M-VPI . Normal.

Eyes – CERF# SS369220(SS- No inherited eye disease found.

MDR1 – OFA# SS-MDI-237/28m-VPI-N/N.  Normal.

Hips – OFA# SS18839G34M-VPI. Good.

Dentition Database – OFA #SS-DE49/50M-VPI. Full dentition.

Aisling’s paternal grand dam …

PaRay Posh Spice crop

Posh Spice

Am Ch PaRay’s Posh Spice

(BISS Am Grd Ch/Can Ch Grandgables Let’s Show Off ROMC X Dan Dee Country Style)

 As well as Satoshi, Posh Spice is the dam of Am Ch PaRay’s Extravagance &  Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Ka , who was 1st place in the 9 – 12 mo S & W Dog Class at the ASSA Nationals 2011. Ka is the sire of Can Ch PaRay’s Kate Spade at Trevanne

Aisling’s  paternal grandsire…

Am Ch Corteo At PaRay of Don Quixote ROM

(Am/Can Ch Tara Hill Home Base ROM X BISS Am Grd Ch Grandgables Times Up At PaRay ROM)

Sire of over 24 Champions.

Full relation to …

Aust Sup/Can Ch Grandgables Hometown Hero

Am Ch PaRay’s Passion Flower ROM

BIS BISS Am/Can/Jpn Ch Grandgables Homecomin’ Queen

BISS Am Ch PaRay’s Perfect Catch

ch corteo at paray of don quixote

Don Quixote

A class winner at the 2010 ASSA National Specialty.

A leading sire, exported to Japan.

DNA/CERF/OFA certified.

Paternal Great Grand dam.

BISS Am Ch Grandgables Times Up At PaRay ROM

(BISS Am Ch Willow Cove Time Card X  Can Ch Ravenscourt Grandgables Success ROMC)

Whelped in 2003.

Is just pure gold!

GG Times Up At Paray

Times Up At PaRay

Littermate to Am/Can/Jpn Ch Grandgables It’s Showtime ROM ROMC,  Winners Dog at the ASSA National Specialty 2004. Sire of 35 + Champions.

As a producer her progeny include BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Cirque Du Soliel, the top winning sheltie bitch in the history of the breed (USA).

Also the dam of one of the best Australian shelties in the last decade. BISS Can Ch/Aust Sup Ch Grandgables Hometown Hero.

other of her get include…

BIS BISS Am/Can/Jpn Ch Grandgables Homecomin’ Queen, BISS Am Ch PaRay’s Perfect Catch, Am Ch PaRay’s Passion Flower ROM, Am Ch Corteo At PaRay Of Don Quixote ROM.

Her lines go back to such notable kennels as Jade Mist, Barwood, Sunnybrook, Halstor.

Aisling’s  Dam …

BISS Am Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Eyes ROM

(Am Grd  Ch/Can Ch  Kensil’s Irish Cream  ROMC X  Kensil’s Warm & Cosy)

 Whelped: 29.4.2008.

Grd Ch Coleen


Colleen was the Top producing dam of 2013.

Dam of seven champions.

Three of these are already Grand Champions

First American Sheltie to ever receive Grand Championship points. 13.5.2010 going BOB  under judge Lee Reason.

CHIC/OFA Hips – Good.

This outstanding producer, in 2012 produced two litters,  both to BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Preferential ROM.

In those two litters to date, there have been no less than 3 Grand Champions and 4  Am Champions.

Am Ch Kensil Irish Honor has produced BISS Ch Kensil’s Chance Encounter & Multi BISS Ch Kensil’s Irish Encounter.

Kensil Chance Encounter

Am Ch Kensil’s Chance Encounter

Grd Ch Kensil's Irish Encounter

Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Encounter

These two young dogs have has a stellar show career to date and will be sires of the future as they mature I feel sure.


 By Grd Ch Belmark Close Encounter (Keaton), who is currently ranked number one sheltie in the USA, from Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Honor.


BISS Am Grd Ch Nutrageous

BISS Am Grd Ch Nutrageous



Multi BISS Am/Can Bronze  Grd Ch KeKensil’s Nutrageous, an incredible puppy flyer and now sire.

Sold to Luckbag Shelties in China, in partnership with Locklyn Shelties USA.

Rage is already a BISS winner in China.

The entire extended family is just pretty incredible in its achievements !


Aisling’s maternal grandsire is …

Am Grd Ch Kensil’s Irish Cream ROM

(Am Ch Kensil’s The Pipes Are Calling X Am Ch Kensil’s Champagne On Ice)

Grd Am Can Ch Kensil Irish Cream

CERF Eyes Normal.

OFA Hips – excellent.

VwD Clear.

MDR1 Normal/Normal.

Thyroid – Normal.

Dentition – Full.

Height 15.25 inches.

A very well respected sire, his family goes back to Jade Mist, Apple Acres, Kensil, Banchory, Akirene. I am really looking forward to seeing this beautiful girl on my lounge later this year.

Aisling’s full siblings… photos with permission of Sylvia Calderwood.

Irish Maiden

Grd Ch Irish Maiden

Irish Honor.

Ch Irish Honor

Guilty Pleasure.

Ch Guilty Pleasure

B'scotch Square

Ch Butterscotch Square

Irish Clan 2

Grd Irish Clan

Kensil Kool Kool Kitty 3

Am Ch Kool Kool Kitty

Litter brother to Ginger's dam 2

Grd Nutrageous

Aisling Ped



  1. Mr. David O'Shannessy.

    You say – Kensil’s Smiling eyes. – pedigree is simply outstanding !, I say – Aisling’s. – pedigree is simply – outstanding! of the outstanding!.

  2. This is a great family. As you would know AmCh/Ch Kensil’s Dreams N Schemes ROMA was imported by Long & Drysdale (Peerielee) in the mid 1990’s. He sired about a dozen champions in Australia from memory. I know Glenys Acreman – Hillacre and Donteray had Ch’s by him.

  3. Mr. David P. O'Shannessy.

    Kensil’s Smiling eyes. – With the pedigree that is simply outstanding! Aisling. – Does have the impeccable pedigree. The proof is in her handsome brothers and beautiful sisters – three American Grand Champions and three American Champions, in just a couple of litters. This is only really achievable if you do have the very best of the best in pedigrees. Loving especially – Cameryn. Her great grandmother, being the great – American Champion Grandgables Times up at PaRay.

    • If you look at Sylvia Calderwood’s Facebook page, I believe there are some photos of soon to be champions Kensil Chance Encounter and Kensil Irish Encounter. These two boys are out of Aisling’s sister Ch Kensil Irish Honor by Belmark Close Encounter (Keaton), who is no number one sheltie in USA right now.
      Last year I tried to buy a puppy bitch from this litter, which is what caused me to do a great deal of research into the family.
      Belmark also have two bitch pups by Keaton, from Grd Ch Irish Clan another of Aisling’s sisters. It will be interesting to see how these two girls go in the ring.

  4. Mr. David p. O'Shannessy.

    Kensil’s Smiling eyes. – great grandmother – American Champion Times up at paray. is one of my favourite producing bitchs, and now I will have to add to my so called list. Aisling’s – mother – American Grand Champion Kensil’s Irish eyes. ****** Also another one of her sisters that I love – apart from the other six american grand champions and american champion brothers and sisters, is the beautiful – Kensil’s Kool kool kitty.

  5. Mr. David Patrick O'Shannessy.

    Aisling’s – nephews – Kensil’s Chance encounter. and – Kensil’s Irish encounter., look very handsome puppies. ****** I see that Aisling’s brothers and sisters are that good, that they now have their own page called – Aisling’s siblings.

  6. David O'Shannessy.

    Kensil’s Smiling eyes. – and – PaRay’s Social inclusion. As show girls and future partners for – (let me get this right) American Champion and Canadian Grand Champion Grandgables Alfenloch UNO. (imported from Canada). It is in my opinion – that you couldn’t have done any better – I don’t think. So I sincerely wish them only the very best, in campaigning – and their family life.

  7. Mr. David patrick O'Shannessy.

    I have been looking into Aisling’s sisters. American Champion Kensil’s Irish honour. and American Grand Champion Kensil’s Irish clan. progeny from American Grand Champion Belmark Close encounter., and American Champion Kensil’s Kool kool kitty. progeny from Best In Speciality Show American Grand Champion Syringa Treasure trove. With all the guys looking handsome and all the gals looking beautiful. — I have also been looking into Aisling’s distant relative, the first american champion shetland sheepdog imported into australia. The handsome – American and Australian Champion Kensil’s Dreams ‘n’ schemes – ‘ R O M A ‘. (imported from the united states of america)., and Dreamer’s dreamy progeny. —- Looking at the photographs and footage of your lovely property Lock-wind, it looks as if you have the best in facilities – it looks well set up and well maintained. Just like a resort for any lucky dogs.

  8. * * * Aisling and sophie – with the best of the very best – of champion of champions – of pedigrees, have now finally arrived after months of waiting – so Welcome to australia girls – Welcome. * * * * * * I do hope that all at lock-wind (and kerry mckay) have had a Merry Christmas, and also wishing you a happy, healthy and safe – Happy ‘2016’ New Year !. * * *

  9. * Apart from the parentage of the impeccable pedigree – and also the handsome brothers and beautiful sisters progeny of Aisling, there is also what very high quality progeny – her siblings have produced. * * * So aisling has the best past – as well as the best present, with her future looking so bright – it couldn’t possibly get any brighter. * * * * * * Aisling’s brother – Multiple Best In show – Chinese Best In Show – American and Canadian Bronze Grand Champion Kensil’s Nutrageous, Rage looks so very handsome in his photographs – that he doe’s look absolutely perfect. *

  10. I would like to make a couple of corrections on your info concerning Am Ch/Ch Kensil’s Dreams N Schemes (imp USA). Dreamer arrived in Australia in 2000 at the age of 5 years which makes his record even more incredible. He quickly gained his title and the discerning breeders that used him were well rewarded. My daughter Danielle and son in law Garry Dryburgh were in partnership with myself and husband Trevor. I wish you continued success with your latest imports.

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