Links for Interest or Fun

Disgrace of Age Care and Health Care. An eye opening exposè on Age Care in Australia.

World Poverty & Immigration. Brilliant explanation on why we should stop illegal immigrants.

Fort Refuge   Help dealing  with Narcissistic mothers.

Akashic Records   Collective Consciousness of the Universe

Zen Meditation  Meditation techniques

Antiques     A great site for those interested in aniques.

The Falcon and the Snowman  Scary stuff as it is likely 100% true.

Hackersley Winery    Ferguson Valley. Excellent food, great value.

Nicola’s Restaurant   Bunbury. Excellent food. Consistently good.

Daleks  You guessed it, I am a Dr Who tragic !

The Black Vault   In  the same vein, yep, UFO’s etc.

Dulce Base  Food for thought or total rubbish ?

Zep Tepi  Egypt the first time.

Edward Snowden. Whistleblower on government spying on us. Frightening!!!

Ley Lines  How ancient monuments and ley lines are connected.

Westend Wines  My favourite Durif, Three Bridges.

Com Sec  Share Trading platform. Do it yourself, cheaper & safer than a broker !

Compare the Meerkat  I just love Alexander…simples!

Grumpy Cat   What a legend.

PETA.  A frightening insight.

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