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2017 News Flash !

Sophie has produced her first litter to our lovely boy Uno. WOW !

In only their first month of showing, the three pups we elected to run on, have all been awarded Best Baby in Show.

Gracie (left) Baby in Show at SSDC of SA Show.

Manu. Baby in Show Western Classic. Perth.

D’Arcy Baby in Show. Adelaide.











Looks like Sophie will  make a great contribution in the whelping box.


Many pedigrees were extensively researched to find two bitches with excellent genetic health, whose pedigrees ideally complimented that of Uno, as well as previously imported successful Shetland Sheepdogs already resident in Australia.

PaRay Social Inclusion - smallCopy

My aim with Sophie is to be able to help Kerry breed some quality shelties with great provenance to show & hopefully to contribute to the Australian gene pool with quality, sound, shelties of good health and breed type. Certainly Sophie’s pedigree is remarkable.

Thanks must go to my good friend & mentor Leslie Jeszewski of Highcroft Collies in Minnesota.

Leslie was able to point me in the right direction with introductions to Tray Pittman and Paul Flores to facilitate the purchase of these incredible girls.



It was well worth the wait thank you for sharing gentlemen !The real Sophie







Now in Australia, these photos were taken at a park 200 metres from the gates at quarantine. Clearly she is ungroomed and quite dirty. But you can see her great movement and temperament in these photos.

Sophie Feb 2016

Sophie 6.2.2016

Sophie (5a of 8) Sophie (3 of 8)








See a video of LochWind Kennels.

Introducing my second beautiful young lady, Sophie. 

Yet another pedigree that is just simply outstanding !

Sophie’s pedigree is line bred on the prolific bitch BISS Am Ch Grandgables Times Up At PaRay ROM, who is the dam of BIS BISS Aust Sup Ch Grandgables Hometown Hero. Hero’s brother Am Ch Corteo at PaRay of Don Quixote ROM, sister Am Ch PaRay’s Passion Flower and their half sister BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Cirque Du Soleil, all appear close up in this pedigree.   BISS Am Ch Times Up at PaRay ROM’s full brother Am/Can/Jpn Ch Grandgables It’s Showtime ROM ROMC is also featured in this family tree, making it a very strong pedigree to compliment lines already successful in Australia. An added feature is BISS Aust Grd Ch/Can Ch Enclave Jade Mist Tapestry ROMA,  another successful import into Australia.


 Sophie’s Genetic Analysis Report by Orivet   14.5.2015

Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Degenerative Myelopathy – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Ivermectin Sensitivity/MDR1 –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Von Willebrand’s Disease Type 3 –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia –  Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

A Locus. Agouti –  Pure for sable. No Bi or Tri factoring.

Follicular Dysplaysia – Normal. Clear. No mutations detected.

OFA  – #1770143 – GOOD. (19 months old. Prelim Report)

Take a look at some of the achievements of Sophie’s family …


Sophie’s sire  is…

BISS Grand Champion PaRay’s Cambridge ROM

Whelped 2.4.2008.

PaRay's Cambridge


Solange Valedictorian 3


Cambridge is the sire of BISS Am Grd Ch/Can Ch Solange Valedictorian,  winner of Top 20 competition, winner of the  Stud Dog Class  & Award of Merit at the ASSA Nationals. 24th April 2015.

Valedictorian is the sire of Silverado Coastal Mocha Latte, Winners Dog at the ASSA Nationals. 24th April 2015.

Valedictorian is the sire of the very beautiful sable dog, Turner aka  BISS Am/Can Ch Grandgables Turn On The Charm, Award of Merit recipient at the ASSA Nationals and only one year of age



turner 2


Valedictorian sired 3 class winners, 2 second place getters and 1 third place getter at the ASSA Nationals in 2015. These include the above mentioned as well as Mac Laren Maharajah, Laureate Sun Salutation, Solange Easy A, Lynphil Got The Last Word & Lynphil Tickle My Fancy.

Valedictorian was awarded WD & BOW at the Canadian Sheltie Nationals under Tom Coen.

Still an active, well respected sire, Cambridge’s progeny are winning Specialties coast to coast in the USA.  National winners, specialty winners, group winners.

A lovely example of Cambridge’s siring abilities, one of my favourite bitches Victoria. Her dam is a daughter of Am Grd  Ch  Grandgables Lets Show Off ROM ROMC , pictured below Am Ch Weis Make It Shine. aka Victoria.

Owned By Karen Munster. Photo courtesy of Vicki Weis.




A  Cambridge daughter, Am Ch PaRay’s Tradewynd Dreamsicle was Reserve Winners Bitch at the ASSA National Specialty 2013.



In 2014 she made the final cut in BOB in a entry of over 200 champions.



Cambridge is…

DNA tested and officially certified

CERF & OFA registered.

Hips – Good.

Thyroid – Normal.

Dentition – Full.

Sophie’s paternal grandsire is…

Am Ch Sundance Ardastra ROM AOM



Placed second in the Stud Dog Class at the 2010 ASSA National Specialty.

An Award of Merit recipient at the ASSA Nationals.

A leading sire of 20+ champions.

In 2006 Evan was bred to BISS Am Ch Grandgables Times Up At PaRay, producing the top winning bitch in the history of the breed. BISS BIS Grd Ch PaRay Cirque Du Solieil. Winner of 16 Best in Shows (April 2015)

In 2015 aged eleven, Evan still resides with his breeder Susan Worsham at Cimmaron Shelties who I thank for this lovely photograph of her boy.

Dentition – Full.

Eyes – Clear.

Von Willibrands – Clear by Parentage.



Tara Hill Home Base

Sophie’s paternal grand dam…

Am Ch PaRay’s Passion Flower

(Am/Can Ch Tara Hill Home Base ROM x BISS Am Ch Grandgables Times Up At PaRay ROM)

Whelped in 2007

PaRay Passion Flower

This bitch is a sister to these outstanding shelties …

Am Ch Corteo At PaRay Of Don Quixote ROMch-betty

BIS BISS Am/Can/Jpn Ch Grandgables Homecomin’ Queen

BISS Am Ch PaRay’s Perfect Catch

BIS BISS  Aust Sup Ch/Can Ch Grandgables Hometown Hero

Half sister to BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Cirque Du Soliel,  the top winning Sheltie bitch in the history of the breed. 16 BIS wins (April 2015)


Sophie’s  Dam…

PaRay’s Luminosity whelped in 2011

PaRay Luminosity 2











Luminosity is a sister to Ch PaRay’s Masterpiece, Ch PaRay’s Amaluna & Ch PaRay’s Kismet Mystere, who has already produced Ch Kismet’s Libby.

From her first litter, Luminosity has already produced the very promising Am Ch PaRay’s Incandescence (Danika) who belongs to Lynda Bernier of Cathance Shelties.


Danika 4.4.15









Sophie’s maternal grandsire is…

BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Preferential ROM   is also … Aisling’s outstanding sire.


Satoshi 2This dog really needs no introduction.

7 All Breeds Best in Show wins.

2 back to back BIS wins.

12 Reserve Best in Show wins.

12 Specialty Best in Show wins.

Award of Merit at 2012 ASSA National Specialty.

Select Dog at the 2013 & 2014 ASSA National Specialties.

A Century Club Award.Satoshi ad

Number one breeder/owner handled Sheltie in 2013

Number 8 Herding Dog in the USA 2013.

BOB awards in the 90 percentile.

This young dog’s progeny are winning Nationals, Specialties and All Breeds events across USA.

DNA tested and officially certified 17.7.2014.

CERF. OFA. CHIC. Certified.

OFA Champion of Health (Oct 2014)

Thyroid – OFA. Normal.

Eyes – CERF. No inherited eye disease found.

MDR1 – OFA. Normal/Normal.

Hips – OFA. Good.

Dentition Database.

OFA. Full dentition.

Sophie’s maternal grand dam is…

BISS BIS Am Grd Ch PaRay’s Cirque Du Soliel

Grd Ch PaRay's Cirque Du Soliel

cirque gait


Whelped in 2006.

BIS/BISS Century Club.

Top winning Sheltie bitch in the history of the breed.

Best in Show ASSA Nationals 2010.

Winner of 16 Best in Shows (April 2015)


OFA # SS-16966F-VPI  – Good.

CERF # SS-729n/2009-30    – Normal.


PaRay Amaluna

PaRay Amaluna

PaRay Masterpiece

Ch PaRay Masterpiece

After an illustrious show career, Cirque now has several of her get in the ring including Am Ch PaRay’s Masterpiece, Nr Ch  PaRay’s Amaluna, PaRay’s Believe etc





Sophie pedigree



Along the road to buying these three shelties, I have met & made some wonderful new friends in USA, Canada, Japan, Ireland and South Africa. I look forward to enjoying sharing their news and triumphs in future.

I am really looking forward to seeing the beautiful  Sophie next to Aisling on my lounge, later this year.

Photographs kindly approved for use by Tray Pittman. However if any one has any objection to the use of any of these photographs please contact me and I will remove them. 



  1. Mr. David O'Shannessy.

    You say – Paray’s Social inclusion’s. – pedigree is just simply outstanding !, I say – Sophie’s. – pedigree is just simply – outstanding! of the outstanding!.

    • David, I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to buy these three shelties.
      Great USA friends that I made in Collies over the last 18 years, have been instrumental in allowing these transactions to take place. My search has given me some new friendships in USA, Canada, Ireland and Japan, these people have been most supportive and I look forward to their continued support and encouragement.

  2. Mr. David P. O'Shannessy.

    PaRay’s Social inclusion. With the pedigree that is simply outstanding! Love – Sophie. Especially being line bred to the lovely – American Champion Grandgables Times up at paray. With also loving Sophie’s – beautiful grandmother the stunning – American Grand Champion PaRay’s Cirque du soliel.

  3. Mr. David p. O'Shannessy.

    PaRay’s Social inclusion. – Stunner of a beauty – granmum – American Grand Champion PaRay’s Cirque du soleil. ************ Do you know wherever or not if – Sophie. is the only shetland sheepdog in Australia to have – Cirque. anywhere in the pedigree?.

    • I am not really certain of the facts here, but I do believe she will be the only import in Australia down from the wonderful Cirque. To the best of my knowledge there are only two PaRay dogs in Australia as well as Hero who was bred by PaRay & Grandgables jointly.

      The shelties here that I am aware of are Sup Ch PaRay Kappa Sigma who is by Grandgables The Frat Boy out of B. Plume JP Rodeo Party At Paray.

      The bitch is Ch PaRay Inevitable who is by Grd Ch PaRay Cambridge out of Westar PaRay Premonition.

      Neither of these carry Cirque’s pedigree. But Hero carries 50% of her bloodlines on her dam’s side.

  4. Mr. David Patrick O'Shannessy.

    I also thought that your girl – PaRay’s Social inclusion., is the only dog in the country – to have the privilege in the pedigree of – Cirque. So I would call her, super special – Sophie. ****** I have been following – – American Grand Champion Cirque du soleil. for a few years now, and over that time I have seen – all / if not nearly all – (and not one bad photo) of her many of photographs. So even though you can say that I haven’t really seen her – I am still going to put it out there in saying, that she is not one of my favourite shetland sheepdogs – she is my favourite sheltie. ****** Once again, what a pedigree having – Cirque. as the grandmother – and the tripling up of her mother – American Champion Times up at paray. Love Cameryn’s other children – American Champion PaRay’s Passion flower., American Champion Corteo At paray of don quixote. and Australian Supreme Champion and Canadian Champion Grandgables Hometown hero. ****** Your dogs Uno., Aisling. and Sophie. – are going to bring you so much love and happiness in your life, I am so envious of you.

  5. Cirque certainly appears to be a high quality bitch. I am very happy to be able to have her granddaughter that is for sure.

  6. Sophie’s sister PaRay Incandescence was shown on the weekend Coyote Hills KC. WD & BOW. So only two shows and well on her way to her title now 🙂

  7. David O'Shannessy.

    Sophie’s – sister – Paray Incandescence. Looks lovely, and I am sure that it is only a matter of time – before she will get her american championship title – as I think that it’s just quite simply inevitable.

  8. Mr. David patrick O'Shannessy.

    Just as when I didn’t think – Sophie’s. pedigree couldn’t surely possibly get any better, then only discovering that because I have been concentrating so much on the front of the family tree – and being totally mesmerized on the jaw dropping dogs. That I just didn’t even realize that – Cameryn’s. litter brother was even there, the ever so very handsome – American Champion, Canadian Champion and Japan Champion – Grandgables – It’s showtime – R O M – R O M C. * ** *** ** * I still find it hard in beleiving – that you are going to have a super star show girl – Cirque. granddaughter in – Sophie., as well as great grand – Cirque. children. Also with – Sophie., Aisling and Uno. that are obviously good looking, and are very sound and of good health – with excellent reports. You have it all.

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