Frequently Asked Questions.

Last updated 22.2.2015 

Q – My partner & I own a pet, we have different surnames is there a protocol to follow.

A – Yes, make sure you only use ONE surname which you book your pet in under. If you send a deposit please use ONLY that same surname. Pets are being booking in twice under two different surnames or I am receiving deposits from a surname with no existing booking.

Q – Do you do Internet Banking, have credit card facilities or EFTPOS ?

A – I do Internet banking, I have no credit card facilities at all.

Q – What methods of payment are available ?

A – Cash, Postal Order, Direct debit or Cheque (by prior arrangement).

Q – Do you require a deposit to hold my booking ?

A – Yes. A non refundable 50% deposit is required for all holiday bookings. The deposit must be paid at the time the booking is made. You may choose to pay a deposit for other dates but it is not compulsory.

Q – Do I get my deposit back if I cancel ?

A – Deposits that encompass school holiday dates are non refundable, non transferable. Your deposit is refundable only if the dates are not school holiday dates, but you must make the cancellation fourteen full calendar days prior to the date your pet is due to enter LochWind. If you cancel with less than fourteen days notice your booking deposit is lost.

Q – If I cancel fourteen days out, for a non holiday period how long is my deposit valid for ?

A – Your deposit can be transferred to a future booking, but it will be forfeited if no booking is made within twelve months of the date the deposit was made.

Q – Once I have booked, can I alter the dates ?

A – Yes, if you shorten the dates booked, you must give fourteen days notice or you will be charged for the dates that you originally booked.

Q – Can I pay by credit card ?

A – No. I have no EFTPOS or card facilities available when you collect your pet. On collection you can pay by cash, postal note or Personal cheques by prior arrangement.

Q – What are the open hours at LochWind ?

A – 8.30 to 9.30am and 4.30 to 5.30pm.

Q – How strictly are the hours enforced ?

A – If your come more than ten or fifteen minutes early or late you will definitely be charged an out of hours fee.

If there are exceptional circumstances beyond your control, I try to be fair about it.

Q – Do you cater for out of hours ?

A – Yes, I can arrange an out of hours service at a charge of $40.

Q – Are there any days you are not open ?

A – Yes. I am not open on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter Sunday & New Years Day.

Q – What happens if I turn up without my vaccination certificate ?

A – I will try and contact your vet before I check your pet in. If I cannot contact your vet to confirm a current vaccination I reserve the right to refuse entry to my kennels.

Q – Must my pet have a current vaccination ?

A – Cats require a F3 current vaccination certificate. I will also accept pets who have a current titre certificate from a recognised vet or vet lab.

Q – If I have two or more cats can they go into the same run ?

A – Yes, I have three runs that are large enough to comfortably house two  or three cats.

Q – What happens if my cat requires daily medication ?

A – There is a charge of $2/ administration. Bring the medication with your cat and advise how many times per day the dose is given. So if your cat  is medicated once per day it is $2, twice a day $4, three times per day $6 etc.

Q – If I have a long coated cat will he/she be groomed ?

A – If you require for your cat to be groomed whilst here, you will need to book this extra service for which there is a charge. Please do not ask me to groom grumpy long haired cats !

Q – What will happen if my cat arrives with fleas ?

A – I will be very unhappy ! I reserve the right to refuse entry to the cattery. The alternative is that I flea treat and isolate the animal at your expense.

Q – What will happen if my cat requires the services of a vet ?

A – I will endeavor to contact your nominated vet. If I cannot contact your vet I will use Dr Flip Harradine or Dr Elizabeth Colvin, to treat your pet. All expenses incurred will be your responsibility.

Q – If my pet is very old is there anything I should do prior to boarding ?

A – Not something we want to talk about, but realistically, there is always a possibility that an elderly pet may become unwell or even pass away whilst boarding, especially if it is a long term stay. Please notify me of your wishes regarding how much veterinary intervention you are prepared to pay for and your wishes for cremation or burial etc.

Q – Can I bring my pets own bedding ?

A – You are welcome to bring toys or bedding as long as I can fit them in my washing machine. If bedding gets soiled I need to be able to wash & dry the bedding the same day.

Q – What will my cat be fed at LochWind ?

A – I have a good range of premium food available, such as  Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet. Also Fancy Feast, Iams, Optimum. In wet food I stock Beef mince, Purr and Fancy Feast. I like to feed as close to “normal” for your pet so that it minimises tummy upsets and encourages them to keep eating well. I also supply treats at night.

Q – Can I supply my own food for my pet ?

A – Yes, I have a fridge and freezer in the kennel so bringing your own food is no problem.

Q – Do you take unsterilized cats ?

A – All male cats MUST be sterilised if over 5 months of age. No exceptions.

Q – What hygiene measures are put in place to keep pets healthy during their stay at LochWind.

A – The cat suites are disinfected daily, bleached out weekly and cleaned with VIRKON every month.




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