The big pre winter burn off April 28th 2015

Me & Norman April 2015Today we had our massive burn off before the rain comes. Each year we have a huge green waste pile which becomes quite spread out and hard to make sure it all burns.


Not so this year, because Nat bought herself a big blue tractor called “Stormin’ Norman”.


Yeah, so Nat buys herself a tractor & I buy myself some shelties 🙂

My 60th Birthday present to myself. Not sure what Nat’s excuse is ? LOL.

Nat & Captain Ronnie

Ron, Nat and I spent the morning chain sawing trees and carting them up the back with Norman then we set fire to it all.

Have a look at how we did it, which you can see on You Tube.

Good fun and very productive. Doing the same again tomorrow, pushing over lots more trees.


Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs. Located in the South West of Western Australia.

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