January 28th – Bush Fire

28th January 2015 A pretty spectacular fire at the end of my road. The fire began yesterday afternoon and water bombers were used to bring it under control.  DSC02484At around 8.30am today, wind caused the fire to flare up again. Fire Picton Temperatures approaching 40 degrees celcius, made it difficult for firefighters. The South West Hwy was closed at Picton, as was the Port Access Rd. Picton industrial estate was only about 200m from the fire front at one stage. Heli Smoke Two schools and many houses in the residential areas of Vittoria Heights and Glen Iris were under threat. Heli's coming Helicopters and planes were water bombing the fire which has only just been brought under control. The helicopter which are quite amazing were filling with water from the nearby Sanctuary Golf Course taking only 45 seconds to reload, or so a gentleman who was golfing told me as I he timed one !Heli refill 2Heli Fill

Hopefully the drama is all resolved now and the fire is out for good.


Rough Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs. Located in the South West of Western Australia.


  1. Hope your going to be fine that’s very close to you.

  2. Hope it’s out by now and you’re safe. Wish I could send you some of our weather, it’s pouring with rain at the moment – that would definitely put out the fire. Xx

  3. How terrifying! I was in Perth and although one of the kids let me know about it I didn’t realise it was such a big fire. So please Lochwind wasn’t under threat.

  4. well I was freaking at Gelorup so can imagine what it was like for you. Coming home from Meditation just now I noticed smoke out in your direction.
    I hope and pray you and yours including furry ones will be safe.
    I love those fire bombers, even the little ‘mossie’ ones and the big heli tacs are amazing. Fire fighters too. Hope arsonist caught soon.
    Stay safe, and cool, if possible .

  5. Really spectacular, glad you were not part of it though!!! Keep safe

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